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REDefining Leadership


Leadership is a constantly evolving concept that requires adaptability and flexibility. In today's fast-paced world, it's important to redefine what it means to be a leader and to embrace new approaches to leadership. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and collaborative environment that empowers everyone to reach their full potential.  


At Red Leadership, we know what it takes to build high performing teams. Our unique approach to learning and development provides exciting and inspiring leadership experiences, created in collaboration with our clients to be highly experiential and immersive.  

Empowerment, agility, resilience, sustainability and innovation are designed into our experiences, programmes and advisory work to develop leaders who thrive in a VUCA world. 


We are a leadership development and advisory practice based in London and working globally. Using innovation, creativity and experience we develop people, teams and leadership capability in organisations.

To accomplish this goal, we are able to draw upon a substantial faculty of trainers and consultants, with task-relevant qualifications, proven leadership and operational experience, drawn primarily from law enforcement agencies, military, legal and academic institutions.

The valuable experience, skills, knowledge and capability they bring to our business have enabled us to become a trusted consultant to an increasingly diverse and international client base.

We are committed to developing effective relationships based on openness, honesty, integrity and trust.

Operation Storm
Incident Command
Rube Goldberg
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This raw and unfiltered account provides an unprecedented glimpse into the life of a seasoned Met detective, inviting readers to traverse the highs and lows, the victories and defeats, and the evolution of policing in one of the world's most iconic cities. 

Told over a period of public service spanning thirty years, this compelling true story unravels the nuts and bolts of policing, providing an insider's perspective on the challenges, triumphs, and transformations that shaped an era.

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding narratives of high-profile cases, including the intensity of the Broadwater Farm riots, the relentless pursuit of serial murderers, the cloak-and-dagger world of undercover operations, and the delicate art of negotiations during harrowing kidnappings. With a seasoned detective's keen eye for detail, Kevin O’Leary deftly weaves together the intricate threads of investigations, offering readers a front-row seat to the pulse-quickening realities of policing.



Operation Storm® provides a high pressure, exciting and stimulating experiential learning event, giving a realistic insight into the work of investigators, exposing delegates to multiple leadership challenges whilst addressing the key objective of making critical decisions in conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). 

A group of people in a corporate setting sitting around a table, and partaking in a digital call.


Immerse is an award winning, technology based business simulation which can assist in testing critical business skills, support key hires and promotions, develop individual and team abilities and ‘dry run’ a broad range of leadership scenarios. 


The Yard® is a unique and exciting leadership simulation which replicates the challenges inherent in complex organisations by placing participants in departments, divisions and hierarchies to experience a day in the life of Scotland Yard leaders.    

Image showing people that comprise a pyramid, therefore a hierarchy.


Ecosystem Dynamics is a business simulation designed to replicate the hierarchies, silos and complexities inherent in organisations.  The simulation creates an organizational ‘system’ with leaders, middle managers, operations and external stakeholders, all of whom interact as tasks, challenges and business opportunities are introduced.


This unique hands-on workshop guides participants through real-world fire crew training. Learn the fire crew basics of teamwork and leadership focused on common goals.
Your team will perform a number of challenges that enable them to become a highly effective unit through the lessons of leadership in responding to a 'shout'.

A red fire engine model
Two people holding riot shields to the side of their bodies, with a police van in the background.


In a test of leadership like no other, Riot Command is another of our High Performing Team experiences, where the aim is to organise and execute a plan to protect life and property in a volatile context.



We're helping leaders in a global business to transform through leading others.   'Operation Storm' provides delegates with an immersive experience based on a major crime in action. This high tempo exercise tests agility, adaptive leadership and collaboration, using the specialist functions in an investigation and an incident command room as metaphors for the headquarters and market divisions of the company. 

We have the privilege of working with a fantastic client team in locations around the world.  

Great people, great fun with a purpose. We love our work!



Kevin O'Leary is the adjudicator and policing subject matter expert for Hunted, Celebrity Hunted & The Heist. He was part of the team at Shine TV that designed both original series, ensuring authenticity in the replication of investigative methods. 

Behind the scenes on TV, Kevin runs 'TV Command' which is the engine room of the programmes, providing the information to the investigators if, and only if, they develop the leads and successful enquiries to earn it. He is also the referee, making decisions and judgement calls, which are often challenged by the passionate parties trying to outwit each other. Often tense, usually taking flak from one side or the other, but a great experience working with some fantastic people in telly.  

Kevin is on Twitter as @kevinoleary123 where he participates in some lively and, mostly, good humoured discussions with viewers about the programmes and the people involved.

Some of Our Fantastic Clients

We’re privileged to work with some of the most successful, leading edge organisations in a wide range of sectors including professional services, energy, finance, manufacturing, technology, security, media, healthcare and pharma.

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